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Busan [1] is a large port in South Korea and is known for its southern accent. Busan is a regional center of KyungSan south state. Busan culture is quite different from Seoul [2] and Qwangju [3].

Under the theme of Hyper Design, as a very fresh element in visual culture and consummation industry, the Biennial explores the complicated, overlapping social liaison and cultural meanings hidden behind the phenomenon of “Design”. It reveals and ponders the meaning of design in three layers, ranging from aesthetic, life-style to social history in order to broaden a humanistic vision and promotes the creative culture.

Outline for the Busan Biennale 2006Edit

부산비엔날레 현대미술전은 실험적이고, 특정 맥락에 적합한 진취적 작품을 선보임으로써 현대미술의 최근 동향을 소개하는 역할을 해오고 있다. 서구가 주도하는 현대미술의 흐름에 대한 우리의 입장을 명확히 전하기 위해 현대미술전은 2006년도 전시를 통해 서구 모더니즘의 형식주의에 의해 소외되었던 다양한 현대미술의 서사구조에 기초한 작품에 주목한다.

It translates as follow.

Busan Biennale is experimental in spirit and exhibits progressive pieces. Its role is to introduce current trends. The exhibition is to demonstrate our positions in an era when the west dominiates the art. It is to focus on Korean contemporary art which was disregarded by the European modernism and structuralism.

Event locationEdit

Busan Museum of Modern Art, Haeundae Beach, etc.

Curatorial membersEdit

  • Artistic Director, Manu D. Park (South Korea)
  • Exhibition Team Director, Minseong Kim (South Korea)
  • Co-curators, Alexandre Pollazzon (France) | Claire Staebler (France) | Doryun Chong (USA) | Henriette Bretton-Meyer (Denmark) | Inseon Kim (South Korea) | Jiyoon Lee (South Korea) | Lorenzo Benedetti (Italy) | Tobias Berger (Germany) | Natasha Conland (Algeria)

Participating ArtistsEdit

Busan Biennale 2006 Website[4]


  • Event URL:[5]
  • Contact Name: Busan Biennale Organizing Committee
  • Contact Email:[6]
  • Contact Phone: +82-51-888-6691~9
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