Born in 1973 in Taipei Now residing in Taipei Solo Exhibitions: 2004 Drifting Space, IT Park, Taipei 2002 Gap, SLY Art Space, Taipei 2001 Package, SLY Art Space, Taipei Group Exhibitions: 2006 IRP Exhibition, Location One, New York 2005 Variation Xanadu, MOCA, Taipei 2003 25hrs Barcelona, Spain 2002 Great Theatre of The World: Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Arts Museum 2002 Taipei Arts Award, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Through the slow movement of light, Wang Yahui s video installation explores the shifts of perception and the passage of one visible reality to another. The scene in the video is set against the gallery wall, which helps create a curious dialog between reality and illusion. The viewer s senses start to interact closely with the quiet and immobile still life images. During this intimate encounter, images appear to breathe with the viewer. The distance between our body and the object is central to our visual experience of the work; the power of this experience derives from the tension between our body and the object (our bodies and objects sometimes connect with each other, and at other times keep a distance from each other). The project is also a critical reflection on the relationship between reality and what we see in the world where media, to a large extent, define our visual experiences.

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